R A Smart invite signmakers, flag printers, exhibition & display graphic producers and universities to get up close and personal with the new HP Stitch range of digital dye-sublimation printers Macclesfield, UK. (17th October,2019).

For over 20 years, R A Smart has led the UK in digital textile print production and the supply of CAD and CAM printers and finishing solutions to the textile industry. Testament to their expertise in this field, the company was recently appointed exclusive UK reseller of the HP Stitch range of dye-sublimation digital textile printers.

Following their recent installations across the UK and the printers’ UK debut at The Print Show, R A Smart are also now planning two open days at their impressive Cheshire facility. Registered visitors will be treated to a full factory tour which includes their commercial textile printing operation covering traditional screen printing, silk weaving and the digital print department. Visitors will be able to gain a better understanding of the differences between different textile print processes by viewing every type of print process including acids, re-actives, pigments and disperse dyes for printing on to silk, cotton, polyester, linens and velvets.

In addition to the full educational factory tour, R A Smart will also be demonstrating textile finishing in their purpose built HP Stitch demonstration room to include silicone edging for tensile textile displays, home furniture manufacture and more. Visitors will be able to view, discuss and test numerous textile print solutions for their print business and be confident that they are speaking with true experts in their field.

Managing director Magnus Mighall comments, “We have been preparing for these open days for some time, ensuring that we have the best solutions the market offers. We spoke with numerous printers, signmakers and display professionals looking to expand into printing textiles and listened to what they perceive as barriers to entry. The biggest barrier being that suppliers very rarely truly understand what it is like to run a successful textile print business. We’ve been successful for over 20 years and supplied equipment and solutions all along the way, so we’ve already lived through the problems, and are thriving. We want to share this knowledge and our skills to help print service providers make the best textile printer choice for their business, and we will stand beside them every step of the way.”

Parking is available on site, though visitors are encouraged to travel by train to Macclesfield station, where R A Smart are offering free collection and drop off. There will be so much to see, do and learn at the R A Smart open days in November, that they recommend allocating around 2-3 hours to ensure you get the most out of your visit.

Magnus continues, “Registering early for these open days is very important, they are extremely popular when we run them because of their educational nature and the fact that you will be visiting a working commercial textile print operation. We’re showing full end-to-end turnkey solutions with specialists in the market including tension framing systems, lightbox and lightwalls, sewing machines, kadar silicone edging for example, so it will be a very full few hours and I’m in no doubt visitors will leave with exciting ideas and solid solutions to grow their wide format print business, successfully, into the digital textile print market.”

Light refreshments will be available throughout the day. Register now to book your place here (http://hxv.e18.myftpupload.com/stitch-open-house/).

For commercial signmakers, print service providers and wide format print companies, register here for the 12th of November. http://hxv.e18.myftpupload.com/stitch-open-house/

For Universities, colleges and educational establishments, register here for the 13th November. http://hxv.e18.myftpupload.com/stitch-open-house/

Yesterday we welcomed customers to the HP Headquarters in Sant Cugat, just north of Barcelona city, to demo the latest in dye sublimation technology - the HP Stitch S1000.

The scale of the facility is hard the fathom... Home to more than 3,000 employees, the $58bn turnover business recently opened an additional brand new 150,000 square foot dedicated 3D printing centre at the rear of its existing campus - one of the largest of its kind in the world.

Though there mainly to focus of HP's revolutionary textile printing solutions, it would have be rude not to see what other industries the tech giant was involved with!

First up after heading into the 'HP Experience Centre' visitors are greeted with a replica of the shed where Bill Hewlett and David Packard dreamt up their first successful invention - the oscillator. After a coin toss to decide who's name would be first (Hewlett-Packard or Packard-Hewlett), one of HP's first customers was Walt Disney Productions who purchased eight oscillators for use on the movie Fantasia.

HP has come an awful long way since Packard and Hewlett's initial capital investment of $538 but the multi billion dollar giant isn't just focussed on money in the bank...

There is also an incredibly positive emphasis on sustainability within the brand. The company is now recognised as one of the world's most sustainable enterprises and is constantly investing both time and money into ensuring their environmental impact is as neutral as possible.

HP are also aiding the medical industry through their 3D print technology. From prosthetic limbs through to printed dental impressions, HP's 3D Printing Portfolio is only set to grow over the following years - especially now their campus is home to one of the largest 3D R&D facilities in the world!

Some argue that HP's innovation is in fact out of this world... Around 408km out of this world actually, orbiting the planet at 7.66 km per second in the International Space Station is a specially designed HP desktop printer!

Finally, it was time for the main event - the HP Stitch S1000. HP have reinvented dye sublimation printing with arguable the biggest revolution for the sector in the last 10 years - thermal print head technology.

Supreme print quality coupled with end user changeable print heads make the HP Stitch a highly desirable solution for those looking to maximise their uptime and productivity, whilst maintaining vivid colours at productions speeds of up to 220m2 per hour.

RA Smart (CAD & Machinery) are delighted to announce our new partnership with HP as the exclusive UK and Ireland specialist reseller for the ground breaking new range of textile dye sublimation printers aimed at print professionals for every level of productivity.

HP launch the revolutionary Stitch range of dye sublimation printers which is set to reinvent the way we print dye sublimation offering a host of new features aimed to increase productivity and reduce downtime.

The new S300 and S500 solutions make their world debut at the ISA Show in Las Vegas on the 23rd April 2019 closely followed by the European debut at FESPA in Munich on the 14th May 2019 where we will also see an addition to the Stitch line -up which will cover all levels of productivity.

Each system has user interchangeable print heads, patented media drying system, integrated built-in colour control, easy end user colour profiling, fully automatic smart nozzle compensation system, direct to textile and dye sublimation paper transfer capability for versatility plus so much more.

There is a HP Stitch solution to meet the requirements of all sectors of digital textile printing including high end & fast fashion, home furnishing, household textiles, sportswear, soft signage, retail, TFS and exhibitions, education.

RA Smart has been established since 1972 initially as a screen supplier to the textile printing industry and specialist textile printer and supplier of bespoke textile printing systems. RA Smart have been supplying and supporting digital textile systems since 1999 covering all aspects of textile printing including high end fashion, fast fashion, customized goods, home furnishing, household textiles, sportswear, education and soft signage.

To find out more about the HP Stitch range of systems and to book your exclusive demonstration and see how HP have reinvented dye sublimation contact RA Smart for further details.

As a machinery and solution supplier, a very important customer base for R A Smart is our Educational market. We are committed to supporting the next generation of textile designers are are actively involved with all design Colleges and Universities in the UK and Ireland.

Retail and exhibition graphics throughout Europe are migrating to printed fabrics in stretch frames. It’s easy to understand why once you see the numerous benefits.

What Is It?

Simply put, the combination of printed fabric and aluminium frame can replace printed, rigid substrates in most applications. It begins with the rich and vibrant colours of the printed fabric. The non-reflective surface offers a refined look that is especially important in environments such as TV news sets and red carpet back walls.

Next, a silicon strip, or welt, is sewn to all edges of the fabric. The welt holds the fabric in place in a specially designed frame system. The prints are held taut in the frame and can be free standing, hung or wall mounted.


The Benefits

A primary goal was to limit the total number of pieces to keep it simple. The framing and fabric are lightweight and ship unassembled in smaller packages compared to printed rigid substrates. That cuts the costs on packaging and shipping. The frames are easily assembled with hex keys. If the framing is wall mounted or hung, there will be additional installation steps and tools needed. Once the frame is installed, the graphics are fitted in minutes. Swapping graphics also takes just a few minutes without tools. Once installed, the frame becomes very unobtrusive. The high-end look presents customers with more graphic and less frame. The fabric surface won’t reflect trade show or studio lights making them ideal backdrops for video and photography.


The Options

REXframe extrusions are available as single sided, double sided, cubes, suspended, curved and lightboxes. Plus, these different extrusions can be combined to build truly unique 3D structures such as cash wraps, entry arches and trade show displays. The modular system allows endless customization.

The Future
R A Smart is the master UK distributor for REXframe and we're looking for reputable dealers and partners to join the brand. REXframe offers:

  • A lightweight, easy to assemble, reusable framing solution. 
  • Versatility to create almost any design you can think of. 
  • Low shipping costs and easy storage.

Sound good? Please get in touch using the details below to discuss the next steps and how REXframe can benefit your business.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01625 576231




R A Smart has been at the forefront of digital textile technology since the early pioneering days of the late 1990’s and can rightly claim to be experts in the supply and support of dedicated textile digital print solutions, partnering with the leading machine manufacturers and installing the latest systems throughout the UK. Covering a vast array of applications including fashion/furnishing/sportswear/household textiles and soft signage we are in a unique position to advise our customers of the various machine solutions, ink chemistries and processes required for any textile application.

Your Print Partner is on a mission to bring wide-format print and display manufacture back to the UK, having announced the arrival of four new digital print machines at its HQ in Lincoln.

Falmouth university have recently expanded their textile digital print facility with the addition of the highly anticipated Mimaki Tx300P-1800. As a leading supplier for Mimaki digital textile printers R A Smart were very pleased to supply and install this system for one of our long-standing customers.

Coinciding with its move to a new 21,000sq feet headquarters; Lincoln-based Your Print Partner (YPP) continues to expand with further investment in Mimaki grand format printers as it looks to offer an extended product range to both end customers and print companies requiring a trade print service.

Dgen Smartjet Black 180cm Direct to Textile Ex Showroom/Loan System for Sale